UT: Dog Lovers, Protect Your Rights by Contacting Your Senator Today Voice Your Continued Support for HB 97

Photo by Melissa Lipani for Best Friends Animal Society.

Dear Members and Friends,

Your voices were heard loud and clear! We are delighted to tell you that HB 97 passed the Utah House of Representatives. If passed by the Senate and signed by the governor, it will end breed-discriminatory legislation (BDL) against all dogs in Utah. The passage by the House was a big hurdle, but there’s a lot more to be done before we can mark this down in the victory column.

So many of you took action and sent a letter to your legislators. We need your voice once again to help families and their pets across Utah today by speaking up in support of HB 97.

Sponsored by Representative Brian King, HB 97 protects property rights by prohibiting any local government from banning certain dogs based on breed. Right now, it’s legal for local governments in Utah to ban certain breeds or restrict people’s right to have any breed or breed mix they like. That’s not right.

The current policy encourages infringement on personal property rights, all without any benefit to the community. The truth is, BDL harms good communities. It’s outdated and archaic policy and has no place in our great state.

Politics is not a spectator sport. And together, we can Save Them All®. Please take action now to support this critical piece of legislation by contacting your senator.

Thank you.


Gregory Castle

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