Compile a dog resume

Before looking for a new place for you and your four legged friend, consider putting together a dog resume.  This will go a long way towards convincing potential landlords that you are the right tenant for their rental.  A doggie resume could contain any or all of the following documents.

  • Current Vet Records
    Make sure you are current on all of your dog’s vaccinations and give a copy of all records to your new landlord.  Please consider spaying or neutering your pet; this will cut down on behavior issues like marking, aggression and is a step toward controlling the pet overpopulation crisis.
  • Get a letter from your trainer, daycare, walker, sitter or vet.
    Something saying how fabulous or well behaved your dog is.  Any certificate from a puppy class and/or a picture of your dog in a social situation will go a long way.
  • A Letter from your Current Landlord
    This should say something like you pick up after your dog, you are responsible in matters concerning your dog, your dog isn’t destructive.
  • Current Renter’s Insurance Policy.
    This should be in place before you start looking for your next home.  Make sure you have a copy to place in your doggie resume.